Dr. Eileen Lyons is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida. During the last fifteen years, she has worked extensively with children and adolescents with varying needs. She specializes in psycho-educational testing, with emphasis on thoroughly evaluating her clients within the cognitive, academic, and behavioral/emotional domains. As a result of her extensive testing experience, Dr. Lyons has indepth understanding of test interpretation, report preparation, and treatment strategies to help improve each child's unique individual functioning.

Dr. Lyons also has extensive clinical experience, providing individual and family therapy in both the private and public sectors. In addition to working within clinically-based outpatient treatment programs, she has worked in public and private school settings. Most importantly, her empathetic approach to both testing and counseling creates strong rapport with children, adolescents, parents and counselors.




1989: B.A.
Major: Psychology
  Minor: Sociology
Graduated Magna Cum Laude
University of South Florida

1991: M.S.
Major: Mental Health Counseling
Graduated High Honors
University of Miami

1995: Ph.D.
Major:  Counseling Psychology
Graduated High Honors
University of Miami

1997: State Licensure
Florida: PY0005673

1990-1991: Masters Practicum Student.
University of Miami Outpatient Clinic

]1993-1994: Doctoral Practicum Student.
University of Miami Outpatient Clinic

1992-1994:  Graduate Research Assistant.
University of Miami: Dept. of Psychiatry

1994-1995: Doctoral Intern. Children’s
Psychiatric Center, Miami, Florida

1995-1996:  Post-Doctoral Resident.
Children’s Psychiatric Center,
Miami, Florida

1997-1998:  Staff Psychologist.  Law
Enforcement: Psychological and
Counseling Services, Coral Gables, Florida

1998-2003:  School Psychologist. Miami
Dade County Public Schools

1999-2003:  Part-time Private Practice.
Miami, Florida

2006-2008:  Psychologist.  St. John
Neumann High School, Naples, Florida.

2004-Present:  Private Practitioner.
Estero, Florida. 


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